Jacquelyn Córdova


Film, Web, Music, Design

Jacquelyn Cordova is the Founder of Northern Vision Productions. She prays this platform can help shift the way the world sees Native Nations, women, and the lifeways that we hold sacred. "It's time to share the beauty of who we are and what we are capable of creating."


In the future, she hopes this platform is able to provide more opportunities to those who are interested in uplifting Indigenous narratives, rebuilding our unique Nationhoods, and restoring balance to our world.

Jacquelyn currently lives in Tennessee and is receiving her MA degree in Indigenous Studies from the University of Fairbanks Alaska, grows corn in her sacred foods garden, and is the caretaker of 3 pre-columbian horses, 2 very special borzoi dogs, and (very soon) 2 traditional Diné "churro" sheep from her grandmothers lineage.

Tavá'-Ci Web & Design,

Partnering Business

Web Design, Online services

Tavá'-ci (pronounced TAH-VAW-CH) is the Southern Ute word for "Sun." Created by Erik Nephew and Lyla June Johnston, this Indigenous owned web & design team based in Florence, Alabama provides simple, straight-forward online marketing services for businesses, organizations, and individuals. "We make tech easy and fun for YOU." 

Katelyn Collin, 

Vision Strategist

Business Consulting, Social Media, SEO

Katelyn is what we like to call a "Vision Strategist". Taking big time dreams and arming you with the newest tools and technologies to make them happen. She can figure anything out online and is the Founder of "Rooted Sunshine", an online business whose soul purpose is to inspire and uplift individuals into becoming their truest selves.  

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